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Graphic Design Services in Verona, WI

Let Us Create An Eye-Catching Design For You

Creating the “right” content, graphics and layout for your important business, promotional and marketing pieces are critical. Understanding how a good design can make the difference between a mediocre piece and a superior piece is a talent the experts at Postal Connections of Verona have fine-tuned, so you can focus on content while we guide you through the design and layout process.

We Can Help Design...

  • Business cards
  • Letterhead
  • Logos
  • Menus
  • Resumes
  • Business proposals
  • Executive Summaries
  • Signs
  • Banners
  • Flyers
  • Promotional coupons
  • Brochures

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Designing Stunning Visuals: Tips for Non-Designers

In today's visually driven world, the ability to create stunning visuals is a valuable skill, whether you're a business owner, a student, a social media enthusiast, or just someone looking to add a creative touch to your personal projects. While professional graphic designers have honed their craft through years of study and practice, non-designers can also create eye-catching visuals with a few key tips.

Simplicity is Key: Start with a clean slate. Simplicity is the foundation of good design. Avoid clutter, excessive colors, and complex layouts. Stick to a minimalistic approach, using a limited color palette and clean lines. Your visuals should convey a clear message without overwhelming the viewer.

Use High-Quality Images: Whether you're working on a presentation, a social media post, or a personal project, using high-quality images is crucial. High-resolution photos or vector graphics make your visuals look professional and polished. Free stock photo websites can be a great resource for finding top-notch visuals.

Consistency in Branding: If you're designing visuals for a brand or a personal project, maintaining consistency is vital. Use the same fonts, colors, and design elements across different materials, such as your website, business cards, and social media posts. This builds a strong and recognizable brand identity.

Typography Matters: The choice of fonts can make or break your design. Stick to two or three fonts at most, and make sure they are legible. Pair a decorative font for headers with a simpler, easy-to-read font for the body text. Remember that fonts convey a mood and personality, so choose wisely.

White Space is Your Friend: Don't be afraid of white space. Leaving areas of your design empty can make the content that is present more impactful. White space allows the viewer's eye to rest and makes the design more visually appealing.

Balance and Alignment: Ensure that elements in your design are balanced and aligned. Use grids or guidelines to help you maintain visual harmony. Alignment gives your visuals a professional touch and helps guide the viewer's eye.

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